Household of 6

All 6 of us on the dock enjoying a picnic at Tullingesjön

Graham’s brother Nathan, his partner Michelle, and their kids Jassie and Linnea came to visit us in July. Together we went on a tour of Gamla Stan and took the ferry to Djurgården to Rosendahl’s cafe. We did a little sightseeing in Södermalm, had some picnics down at the Tullinge Canoe Club, and also had a fun day at LIDA to do mini-golf and the zipline. They also did some touring on their own, and took a trip to Finland, ABBA Museum, Nobel museum, Bergianska garden.

Linnea is named after a flower, which grows in the polar region and in the Stockholm area in particular. It was named by Carl Linneaus, the Swedish botanist/taxonomist who contributed a lot to the modern binomial naming system for living things. It is a small evergreen that grows in the moss and blooms around midsummer. It does not grow in the Lower Mainland, so we had a bit of a Linnea-hunt, including a trip to Uppsala, the home of Carl Linneaus and several botanical gardens. We found Linnea flowers on lots of prints, home décor items, and tiles on the subway, but unfortunately not any living plants. We consoled ourselves with a nice lunch/fika at classic Swedish konditori (coffee/pastry shop) Ofvandal’s. We also took a bus out to Gamla Uppsala to see the Viking-age burial mounds and the old church.

It was a great visit, and we hope they will brave the jetlag to come back this way again soon!

Our house is still getting populated with furniture… Thank goodness that our auction chairs arrived in time to seat 6 people for dinner!