Ã…rets Lussekatt conclusion

Texas, this year's Lussekatt
Texas, this year's Lussekatt

I think everyone has had the chance to read about the Gävle Lussekatt contest and read my pick for the winner.  The contest closed yesterday, which was Lucia, and I can’t help but be disappointed with the results. Pricken, the cat I thought was the cutest, came 4th.  Happily, Texas was first (Bridget’s and Hasse’s favourite) and I thought he would have been a good runner-up.  I am a little sad that Pricken didn’t win (and by extension, that I didn’t guess right) but I knew something was up when I saw the second place kitty: Jane Ear the hairless rat-cat.  I mean, every cat is a winner for entering and they have beauty on the inside etc. etc. but hairless cats are gross.

Texas has a lot of personality in his photo.  He has a santa hat and he looks kind of hung over, which I think a  lot of people can relate to.  Also, he is a pretty cute kitty just on his own.  Maybe Pricken can win next year.


  1. I have been misquoted, I have been misunderstood. Maybe I have been in the States too long, and my accent is now horrible. I said I agreed with you completely about Pricken. Texas was the only other contender. Ah me. Clearly, i care too much about these things. Hairless cats are only slightly more gross than hairless dogs. Eeeewwww.

    Maybe next year, Pricken does a photo shoot with Texas, but looks cuter doing what they do. 😉

  2. I saw that MacGyver kitty. I like the editing to make it look like he´s leaping buidlings etc.

    Texas is a good kitty, I am fond of tabbies. But seriously, hairless cats, WTF?

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