Happy Birthday Leif!

As you may have read here previously, the vikings set up runestones to commemorate great warriors and family members.

Leif's Runestone
Leif's Runestone

I erected this runestone to Commemorate Leif’s 31st birthday.  It reads:

“This stone is here placed for Leif, Pat’s son, who is a good scholar, fantastic friend, and all-round great guy.  Anyone who messes with the stone will be turned into a moomintroll and shipped to Finland.”

Happy Birthday Leif!

Birthday Bonus! This is the biggest runestone I have ever seen, in a horse field in Uppsala (yes, I was allmansratting it). The stone must be 67 tonnes, and mostly buried underground. No one is messing with this one!


  1. aww – thanks guys! Nobody has ever erected a runestone for me: I’m so touched, and the message is perfect!

    – Leif

  2. he he he he he he!
    great post captain cutes!

    Happy Birthday Leif! 🙂

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