Loppis party!!

The big furniture going to Denise's new apartment...

I have been divesting myself of all my furniture over the last week or so.

I didn't think my kitchen had that much stuff

Today I had a loppis party to get rid of all my things, followed by a great picnic in the park organized by Jennie.

Lucky loppis items
Eating cookies and shopping/recycling

The picnic party was great, with great eats, good company, and some fun kubb games. I am not ready for crying yet, but it will be tough to leave all my great friends here in Sweden!

Jennie grilling up a storm
Great weather for a picnic party
Kubb action shot!

Things are looking pretty empty now, literally and figuratively echoing our first days here. After today’s party I am down to the last items which I will carry off to myrorna, the beloved local thrift shop.