CIBC is in lane 3 – leading by my eye. The other crew (Kai ikaika) passed them in the last metres by a dragon fart.

Graham has been racing every weekend since going to BC. This last weekend was the Rio Tinto Alcan Dragonboat festival in Vancouver, the premiere Dragonboat event in Canada (according to me). False Creek has won the last several years – but after some serious attrition were having trouble putting together a full team. One of the paddlers took up the cause and recruited a team of ringers, retired team members, and a few ringers out of the wood work (Good job Graham!) The team had some good sponsorship and trained more than your average throw-together beer team. On the rainiest, crappiest Alcan ever (according to me) they ended up coming 3rd in mixed, 2nd in men, and 2nd in the long distance …and gold medal at the party! Congrats to Kai ikaika and One West who had some great performances.