(Hula) Hooping

Arm hooping with U. Jim!

On March 25 I went to a health fair at the YWCA and there was a free hoop jam with hula hoops. I really dug the hooping rhythm and the cool hooping people. It was refreshing to try something physical, but non-competitive and the hooping culture is really inclusive and non-judgemental.

Successful elevator at the Vancouver Art Gallery!

I ordered a custom hoop that day, and since then have done a few hoop jams. I also check out hoop.org and am enthusiastic about improving my hoop skills. I have become a bit of a hooping evangelist, and I got a couple hoops for Elizabeth and have had some fun hoop introductions with friends.

Hoop yoga

During Elizabeth’s visit to Saskatoon we were invited by Karla, fearless leader of Saskatoon hoop community, to hoop in the Saskatoon pride parade.  More on that in a future post.

Elizabeth runs away to the circus at the Saskatoon pride festival (note my awesome shoes at the bottom of the shot)

I really like hooping and I can’t believe it took me this long to post about it. I think I wanted to make a cool video to post along with it, and so I kept waiting for the video… lesson learned! One day I may post a video, if I can get Graham or Elizabeth to film me.

More hoop yoga!

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  1. Hula Hooping is so fun!
    I am so glad it is something we get to do together! Thank you for providing that awesome tape, i have put it on one of the hoops and I am eager to give it a whirl!
    love love,
    ps. I would be happy to film some of your hooping endevours for future posting.

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