Dec 1: Lussekatter

Lussekatter or Saffron buns

This is the first day of 2020 Advent Calendar!

These fun yellow rolls are the official treat of St Lucia’s Day, which falls on Dec 13. Saffron is really a Christmas flavour in Sweden, and you can buy Lussekatter all though the season. Not sure how the buns got their name, but folks have picked up on how it sounds like the animal cat, so the local paper in Gavle has a contest for picking the year’s ‘Lucia cat’ like they pick the Lucia singer.

This link has a recipe (in English) if you’d like to make your own. In 2018 I invited my lab mates over to make some in our apartment, and then we ate them with tea. There are lots of traditional shapes, and you can see them in the video below. They make the whole house smell amazing, and they freeze really well.